Cinema Releases That Relate To The Internet

I have noticed this summer, that trailers for movies about the internet are popping up. I guess it makes perfect sense as people now spend more and more time on the web. This gives the studios the reason to produce movies about the internet…paramount and columbia pictures are not non-sense companies after all, and it looks like they are putting serious money into producing ‘internet movies’. I am not a big movie freak, so I have no idea what other films are being produced at present, but here are two that will be in cinemas as of October 2010:

  1. Middle Men (About payment processing on the internet and the lifestyle that can come with it)
  2. The Social Network (About Facebook and the business side of things)

If you have seen one or both of the movies above, please let me know what you think. If you know of other movies, you are of course also welcome to inform me about them 😉

Learning and keeping up to date nowadays

I spend most of my waking hours on the internet (a bit sad I know, but that is the way it is and I like it like that). As a result, I take many of the things I see and do for granted because I simply get used to them. When I attended a google analytics seminar (sorry I mean webinar) the other day, it kind of hit me. Years ago, I would have had to travel to attend the seminar in order to get the information I got from this seminar. Imagine the costs and time-loss involved with that. Flight, hotel, restaurant meals etc.

Now all I have to do, is sign up to attend and make sure I am logged in when it kicks off. No costs, no jetlag, no checking in and out of hotels, no Goofey in front of me talking with his friend throughout the seminar, no missing stuff because my seat is not close enough to the presentation screen. I am sure I missed a few points. Awesome!

Often when you attend ‘live’ seminars, people hesitate to ask questions (I guess because people are scared of embarrassing themselves). In this webinar tons of questions were asked. Behind the scenes is a panel of people who answer the questions for you there and then. Ladies and gentlemen, from a knowledge accumulation point of view, it does not get much better than this. From a networking point of view, my point can definitely be argued. Having said that, I am sure no matter what industry you are in, there are great networking events – so it is up to you to get your ass in gear and attend them. In the meanwhile, I can only encourage you to find the webinars that matter in your industry and attend them.

Fuck You…Fuck Who?

For the first time in years I watched 25th Hour again. There is one scene in the movie that I really like. This scene involves Edward Norton the night before he has to serve his 7 year sentence. Watch the clip below in full:

I think that many people are doing exactly what Edward Norton does in this scene…choose the easy way and find people to blame rather than have a think about the situation and maybe question yourself. In my eyes you will not be able to move on from any situation unless you can be honest to yourself and act honestly upon it. Not easy to do – but essential if you ever wanna move forward.

Conversion PC to MAC completed

I am now officially 100% converted to mac. I am no longer using my Windows-based machine. This is my new setup:
New Computer Setup

  1. 2 Samsung Syncmaster 226BW from my PC days. Enabled through Matrox DualHead2Go
  2. Bose Companion 3 speakers
  3. 500GB Lacie external hard disk for my video files
  4. Apple Magic Mouse
  5. Apple USB Keyboard (no wireless version available with number pad)
  6. Belkin USB 2.0 hub
  7. Griffin Elevator stand for my mac book pro
  8. Mac Book Pro 15″ 2008 version
  9. 1.20m x 2.00m whiteboard

My iphone is missing, as I took this picture with my iphone 😉

San Francisco – What an awesome place

What should you do when your star alliance air miles expire at the end of the calendar year? You’re right, go to the miles and more website and see if there are any good deals. I was lucky. For 25.000 miles and 270EUR tax, I was able to fly from anywhere in Germany to anywhere in the United States. I have never been to the west coast, an being the geek that I am, it is  a must for me to go to the Bay Area. As a result, I choose to go to San Francisco to meet up with a group of Peace Corps workers I met earlier this year in Durban, South Africa. 11 hours flight from Frankfurt later, I landed in sunny San Francisco. Fisherman’s wharf – Pier 39 – Wax Museum and Ripley’s was all done pretty quick. Walking the  streets by the piers in the middle of November feels pretty good to a European that needs to get used to the shitty weather season. I was staying with friends in East Bay (Kensington and Berkeley). The view from there is just amazing. The Bay Bridge on the left and the Golden Gate on the right:


To finish off the touristy stuff, we went to see the Golden Gate up close the following day. The bridge is very impressive, but if you continue to the west of the bridge down to Lincoln Park, you will see some of the most breath-taking views. For a golf-maniac like myself, a pretty good looking golf course right on the bay just tops it off nicely:


Later that evening we met up with a good friend of mine from my days at the European School in Luxembourg – Didier Hilhorst who now works at a pretty cool video finger printing company in Palo Alto called Auditude. We had an awesome meal all together in the part of town called ‘Mission‘ and then headed to the Castro part of town, as I had to get a glimpse of the gay community as I was now in the gay capital of the world. What a crazy night with Jaeger-Bombs etc. (Yes, I fell asleep in the car on the way back to East Bay and No, I did not get it off with any men).

The rest of my time, I spent working on my ongoing projects and eating as an American (jesus it is a crazy food culture). Conclusion: 5 days in the Bay Area is for sure not enough, and I am not done with that place at all…I’ll be back.